5 Reasons You Should Visit Romania This Summer Without Fail

Romania offers tons of unique and interesting things, which makes it a major tourist destination in Europe. Amazing history, intriguing architecture, incredible natural phenomena, resources, and so on make Romania a wonderful country. It is the largest country in South West Europe, and it is home to some of Europe’s most renowned scientists and engineers. Romania is the richest European country in gold. The Romanian parliament is world’s second largest administrative building. In1884, Timisoara became the first city in Europe and second in the world to be lit with electric lamps. Below are 5 reasons you should visit Romania this summer.

shutterstock_141569743-1Amazing things to see in Romania

There is no denying it, Romania is a nation of incredible beauty. First, beautiful forests, mountains, and wildlife will make you instantly fall in love with the country. If you are amazed by viewing wildlife, Romania has Europe’s largest population of brown bears. Then, you’ll know how it feels to breathe in gold when you visit Europe’s only gold museum in Brad, a small town in Romania. When you feel like seeing more fascinating stuff, there are seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Romania you can visit. Don’t run out of ideas about what to do in Romania. Visit opmr.eu and discover more about the country.

Crazy experiences in Romania

Bike or drive on the Transfagarasan Highway in Transylvania for a breathtaking experience that will leave a permanent memory of Romania in your mind. This is the most spectacular and famous road in Bucharest and the entire country. The final of the 5 reasons you should visit Romania this summer is the monumental castles they have. Awaken the maiden or knight spirit in you by visiting the Peles Castle, Corvin Castle or the Bran (Dracula) Castle. The Peles Castle is the most visited museum in the country. It was the summer resident of the Royal family. The reasons above describe just a small portion of what Romania has to offer.