This site is dedicated to Ireland and the rich Irish history, and it is intended to provide visitors of the site with a wealth of information about various different aspects related with the Irish culture and Ireland in general. Ireland boasts of a unique culture that is apparent through its music, cuisine, historical buildings and theatrical performances. Entertainment is a big part of the Irish culture and the people of Ireland love to gather in the evenings to listen to live music and watch dramatic performances.

Visitors of this site will be able to discover some of the things that make Ireland so special. Another unique part of the Irish culture is the number of historical buildings that can be found scattered throughout the country including churches, chapels and castles. Many of these buildings are hundreds of years old and are open to the public, while the country also boasts a large number of interesting and informative museums.

People who have an interest in the history and culture of Ireland are likely to want to plan a trip to the Emerald Isle so that they can experience it for themselves firsthand. Therefore, many of the pages that can be found on this site serve as an introduction to various destinations in Ireland that are just waiting to be visited by people from all over the world. Taking the time to read these pages is a great way to plan the trip of a lifetime to learn more about some of the things that are just waiting to be discovered in Ireland.