Top Attractions in Killarney

Located in the stunning country of Kerry, Killarney is one of Ireland’s most popular destinations. The town draws plenty of visitors, attracted by its typical Irish atmosphere, picturesque scenery, lively traditional music and a well-developed tourist infrastructure. It’s an ideal base to tour the famous Ring of Kerry drive with its spectacular coastal scenery. Killarney is also a thriving commercial town, offering a wealth of attractions and entertainment.

Muckross House and Gardens

Muckross House and GardensThis sprawling ivy-covered Victorian mansion was built for a wealthy landowner in 1843, and donated to the state in the 1930s. The house is now a folk museum which portrays the lifestyles of the gentry and the serving classes of the 19th century. On display are locally-made furniture, prints, art and needlework, strangely mixed with un-Irish items like Oriental screens, Chippendale chairs and Turkish carpets. The gardens of Muckross are also of great interest to visitors. Rich in Rhododendron and Azaleas during season, the garden is also famed for its extensive water garden.

Muckross Traditional Farms

These enchanting farms are located close to Muckross House estate and offer visitors an insight into traditional farm in County Kerry. The collections of farmhouses and barns that can be found here are authentically detailed, and create an uplifting and realistic atmosphere that people who have an interest in history and culture are sure to enjoy and this is the perfect family friendly day trip destination.

Torc Waterfall

A short climb up a steep and fortunately wide footpath takes visitors to the enchanting Torc Waterfall. This picturesque cascade of water plummets sixty feet to the pool below the footpath that leads up to the waterfall provides stunning views across the Killarney lakes. This cascade has been formed by a river flowing from the Punch Bowl set high in the mountain. Torc Mountain stands at the southern edge of the Middle Lake.